The Animation

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The Animation

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The Animation Industry in India has evolved in the last 10 years. It has definitely come a long way since Dadasaheb Phalke made the first animated movie with matchsticks Devin Funchess Rush Jersey , coins and stop motion camera techniques way back in 1914.

Indian animation industry is expected to reach a record of 1.2 billion by 2012, a massive 27% rise since 2008. The industry evolution started in 1950 when an outsider, Clair Weeks, a Disney Studios animator came to India to train newcomers in the principles of classical animation. By 1970, Bhimsain and Ram Mohan, who had trained under Weeks, started and developed their own independent animation studios.

Few films were made in this era but then they could not be accepted well due to lack of government and marketing support and finally all the studios diversified into ads and feature film making which led to a total downfall of the industry.

Ram Mohan & Sako; a Japanese film maker together made an outstanding film known as 锟絉amayana锟? The legend of prince

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